Advanced Ultrasonic
Cleaning Equipment


Utilising our Supersonic equipment, this specialised, safe and highly efficient range includes systems for cleaning anilox rollers and gravure cylinders, press parts and general parts, silk and rotary screens, and plate cleaning units.

All models incorporate a patented frequency sweep generator. Additional options include multi-roller units, pump/filtration, rinse tanks, lids and baskets. Systems are built to meet individual customer requirements and feature our patented high-efficiency ultrasonic technology.


This is a new bench top ultrasonic cleaning range developed specifically for the label market.

Twin roller

Although these units are bench-mounted, they are built for industrial use utilising stainless steel tanks and enclosures. A floating, adjustable roller support is provided for the non-driven end of the unit. Portable, affordable, flexible with high performance and built to last, compact industrial anilox cleaner is available in Standard two-roller or Special format. Our standard BB unit will hold two rollers in a single cleaning cycle. (up to 480 mm face & up to 120 mm diameter) In addition, we also have the capacity to custom-build machines with specification where required.


These are available in a two- and four-roller unit plus an SP unit, which is a single roller unit with a longer tank aimed at the digital printing market for sleeves up to 850 mm face length. These are more heavy duty than the budget range and are aimed at larger printers with more frequent cleaning requirements; the two & four-roller standard units will take rollers with up to 660 mm face length.


NW narrow web

The NW freestanding range of machines is specifically manufactured for the high-volume label-printing market. The NW range incorporates a rinse tank, pump/filter & lid as standard. Available in four- or six-roller format up to 900 mm. Our standard range includes four and six roller machines for cleaning multiple rollers with various diameters in a single cleaning cycle. In addition, we also have the capacity to custom-build to specification where required. All units are available with simple push-button or touchscreen operation.

MW medium web

The MW and WW freestanding range of machines are at the heart of the offer in a variety of specifications to suit the medium web printing market.

WW wide web

All information about this models is available on request. We have the capacity to custom-build to specification where required. All units are available with simple push-button or touchscreen operation.


The SUPERSONIC AUTO range of machines is offered in a variety of specifications and is probably the most sophisticated system available on the market. These units use the latest Siemens S71200 technology to completely automate the roller cleaning process. This, combined with a fully programmable touchscreen display allows for total user control over the process whilst also providing complete automation of the cleaning cycle.

Available in format for one or two roller, other sizes and multi-roller units available on request.

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